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Accademic essays

To Beme or not to Beme, that is the application: constructing an authentic version of the self on social media

In September 2015, a young Australian social media celebrity named Essana Oneill captivated mainstream media by posting a series of videos exposing the illusiveness and superficiality of her supposedly ideal life. In a dramatic and tearful breakdown, the teenage model reached out to her thousands of followers and revealed how distorted from reality her online…

Accademic essays

IFTTT: Cultural practices, algorithmic literacy and power relations in an oversimplified end-user programming interface

If this then that. These four words constitute a very simple sentence, conceptually powerful yet obviously lacunar. Reading it naturally invites the reader, or even forces him, to think about causality, to build intellectual connections between two events or to attempt at imagining potential relationships between things. In fact, causality is basic to human thought….

Accademic essays

The social narrative of #IDARB, outcomes of improvisation in a crowdsourced game development process

Very few digital games can legitimately claim to be significantly changing the industry, to give birth to a new genre or to redefine the perspectives through which scholars approach them. How small is the probability for such game to emerge and be acknowledged in today’s roaring and competitive digital landscape, and more importantly, what does…

Accademic essays

Using Actor Network Theory (ANT) to investigate digital tracking technologies in the retail environment

“interaction is all that there is”  (Law 1992, p. 380) As many socio-technological sectors, the retail industry is in a constant evolution and depends on a multiplicity of heterogeneous factors. New technologies, practices and industry players regularly attempt at challenging and redefining the established systems, pursuing economic growth and profitability. (Rigby, 2011) In this context,…

Accademic essays

The Physical Cookie

In an evermore interconnected world, where objects, places and people constantly exchange data and information, boundaries between offline and online activities are constantly being redefined, raising not only opportunities but also urging many industries to reevaluate and adapt their processes. (Brynjolfsson & al. 2013) The retail sector is no exception to this phenomenon and increasingly…

Accademic essays

Viral philanthropy

Little literature is available when specifically considering the viral dimension of philanthropy on social-media since it is a fairly recent topic, publicly revealed by online phenomenons such as the Ice Bucket Challenge or the Movember campaign. However, scholars and Non-Profit-Organizations (NPOs) have long identified the importance and impact of online communication technology over the practice…

Accademic essays

Crowdsourcing ideas for game development, a case study of #IDARB

Coined by Jeff Howe in an article for Wired magazine in 2006, the term Crowdsourcing has since then been extensively used and discussed by new media researchers. Therefore, once blurry, its definition soon became sharper: “Crowdsourcing is a type of participative online activity in which an individual, an institution, a non-profit organization, or company proposes…

Accademic essays

Further discussing Thomas Poell’s conceptualization of forums and blogs as public sphere

Has humanity ever benefited from a greater communication technology than the internet? Most certainly not. Never has there existed a comparable way to instantly interact with any other individual on the planet. No ancient civilization has ever had a more efficient information system. But however performant the internet is in connecting computers and devices, the…