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It takes more than a GoPro to be a hero.

I’ve been reading quite a few articles about GoPro lately, telling how the company is declining and how it failed to market its latest product (GoPro Session). Here and there, reporters and business analysts who were amazed not so long ago by the stunning features of the GoPro2 or GoPro3 are now explaining how predictable the crash of the company’s stock was. This is just so wrong. GoPros are amazing cameras. They allow to capture great action and let filmmakers be way more creative than before. Yes, they opened a new market and are now facing competition and yes the video recording capacities of smartphones have been tremendously improved, raising questions about the relevance of owning a GoPro when it comes to filming your dog or your birthday cake.

No, everybody can’t be a hero. It takes more than a camera for that!

But here is the deal. GoPros are action cameras. They deliver their true value when conditions get rough, when it gets intense, when danger is near and when your smartphone just won’t do.


Why don’t you try this with your 750$ iPhone 6S (©Imgur)

I think the fundamental mistake financial experts did is to believe that everyone needed one of these. They simply need to realise that the company has already touched down on its goal and won’t reach millions more customers. Because no, everybody can’t be a hero. It takes more than a camera for that. It requires plenty of skills not delivered in the box. It requires not only to be an amazing snowboarder, skier, skater, athlete, explorer, climber or diver, but also to have an eye for film framing, a passion for editing, the patience for colour grading, the delicate ear for sound mixing and the creativity to bring it altogether.

You see, that's how you use a GoPro.

You see, that’s how you use a GoPro. (©Nicolas Vuignier)

GoPro owners who don’t have any of these talents are producing shitty content, and it’s really not the camera’s fault. Best case scenario, this lack of skill will result in a viral fail on youtube, but that’s pretty much it.

Most of the time, the only content ordinary people end up generating is petabytes of pathetically ordinary images. Once they start realising how lame their footage is, they simply understand that GoPro are not for them. That’s the reality, and it’s ok.

So GoPro, please keep producing awesome cameras, and don’t let financial growth solely rule your development. Heroes are out there and they need your devices, there are just not millions of them, and that’s precisely why we call them heroes.